The ONLY Cord Blood Bank to Offer Family BankingTM

Family is at the very heart of our organization.  Our bank was created to store the cord blood of our family members throughout all phases in life.  We are pleased to provide your family the same opportunities that we’ve given our family.    Through our Family BankingTM Program we can collect and store your own adult stem cells in addition to your baby’s cord blood and cord tissue.

Tenets of Family Banking™

At the Stem Cell Cryobank, our goal is simple.  Health For Life.  From the time your child is born, to when they become full-fledged adults we offer proactive solutions to give you and your child the best chance at life should a major disease ever occur.  The three main components of Family Banking are:

Cord Blood

Cord blood remains the first step in Family Banking.  With over 20 years of clinical success and with 80 medically recognized disease indications, cord blood is a powerful solution for life threatening conditions.

Cord Tissue

Cord Tissue is rich in several different types of stem cells and has been the basis for promising research on Autism, Parkinson’s Disease, and Diabetes. Cord Tissue is the best complement to collecting your child’s cord blood.

Adult Stem Cell

Adult Stem Cells have been used for over 30 years to treat many life threatening diseases. We believe collecting your adult stem cells is one of the best things you can do as a parent, to ensure you have a safety net for yourself, should you ever be diagnosed with an illness that can be treated with stem cells .


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How We Can Offer Family Banking™

Our mission is Health for Life.  At the Stem Cell Cryobank, our goal is not just to store your stem cells, but to be there should you need to use your stored stem cells.  Dr. Maharaj is a stem cell transplant physician with over 30 years of experience. He is the Medical Director of our clinical facility that treats patients with major chronic illnesses and helps people achieve optimal wellness.  From diet, exercise, genetics, infections to toxicity, we are concerned about all of the factors that could impact your health.  That’s why we’ve advanced the adult stem cell banking process as part of a comprehensive Family BankingTM program.  This is the same program that we’ve implemented for our family, which is now available to your family.

Clinical Expertise

No other major cord blood bank is directly located onsite of a Joint Commission Accredited clinical program.  That’s what makes Family Banking possible.


Stem Cell Cryobank and Dr. Maharaj have a reputation for innovation.  Dr. Maharaj was part of the group that pioneered stem cell transplants for leukemia patients.

Focus on the Family

Having a focus on the family gives us the ability to create solutions for all phases of life.  While many parents think of their children, they often neglect to safeguard their own health.

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