Step 1: Get Informed

Stem Cell Cryobank is committed to giving you all the information you need to make an informed choice for your baby’s stem cells. We encourage you to call as soon as possible!

Step 2: Signup (online, over the phone, or by mail)

Choose your services:

  • Cord blood stem cell collection and storage
  • Cord blood stem cell and cord tissue collection and storage

We prepare your services agreement and process your payment

Step 3: Obtain Your Kit

You can have the kit sent to your home (additional fee may apply) or come to our offices and meet us in person.

Be sure to inform your physician or midwife of your decision to collect your baby’s cord blood (and cord tissue).

Step 4: welcome your new baby into the world!

Upon arrival at the hospital, show the nurse the kit, as there are labs that need to be drawn.

Congratulations! You have just become a new parent.  Enjoy your special time with your newborn.

Step 5: Collect Your baby's cord blood / cord tissue

Your doctor or midwife will collect the cord blood / cord tissue.

Your kit contains all the supplies and instructions needed. (Be sure to let your doctor or midwife know about the cord blood kit prior to delivery).

Step 6: Return the Kit to us

You will arrange for your completed kit to be returned to our lab either through FedEx or by having someone drop it off at our Boynton Beach headquarters.

Step 7: We process your baby's cord blood/cord tissue

We process your baby’s cord blood / tissue under sterile conditions in our accredited laboratory.

We isolate the stem cells from the cord blood and prepare them for freezing.

We prepare the cord tissue segments and prepare them for freezing.

Step 8: we freeze and store your baby's stem cells/cord tissue

We freeze and store your baby’s stem cells and cord tissue in sterile and sealed containers.

The stem cells and cord tissue are stored in nitrogen vapor at less than -150° C.

A detailed report that includes the viability of the cells collected as well as bacterial and viral test results will be mailed to you approximately one month after the birth.

Ready to bank your child's cord blood?

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