Dr. Dipnarine Maharaj has always dedicated himself towards fighting disease and saving lives. From his days growing up in Scotland to running nationally recognized medical units, Dr. Maharaj never lost focus on the importance of health and family. It is that focus that guides his practice of medicine and the Stem Cell Cryobank.

“One of the most important decisions that a parent can make for a child is the ability to bank their cord blood and tissue for the future. Cord Blood and tissue has proven to be a powerful weapon in the fight against many major diseases and holds the potential to do so much more.” – Dr. Dipnarine Maharaj


For the last 30 years, Dr. Maharaj has helped guide patients and their families every step of the way throughout the trials of major illness. He knows the importance of proper cord blood/stem cell collection and processing techniques. Dr. Maharaj understands that a commitment to quality today can make all of the difference when it matters most. That’s why he is the Founder of the Stem Cell Cryobank, because he knows how important this is both for his own family and for yours.


Dr. Maharaj has long been an innovator in the use of a person’s own stem cells. In Scotland, he was part of the pioneering group that developed stem cell transplants for leukemia patients. From that work, stem cell transplants are now a standard of care.

Career Highlights:

  • World-renowned expert on stem cell therapies
  • Highly successful stem cell transplant physician
  • Pioneer in cord blood and tissue processing
  • Author of more than 80 medical publications
  • Innovator of patented treatment for Parkinson disease
  • Founder and Director of both Stem Cell Cryobank and South Florida Bone Marrow / Stem Cell Transplant Institute

Currently Dr. Maharaj is conducting the following research:

  • FDA-registered Phase I/II Clinical Trial: A Study Using White Blood Cells From Healthy Donors To Treat Solid Cancer. Read about Dr. Maharaj’s study at ClinicalTrials.gov
  • Use of a person’s own stem cells for the treatment of chronic diseases:


The link between aging and the immune system is one of Dr. Maharaj’s main areas of work.

Neurological Disorders

Dr. Maharaj has been innovating in the field of Parkinson’s and other Neurological disorders.


When the Immune system breaks down, it impacts many of the body’s other systems.


Dr. Dipnarine Maharaj is one of the most accomplished stem cell transplant physicians in the United States. He’s carried on a tradition of professional and academic excellence from his medical education to his practice of medicine.

An Education Dedicated to Excellence

“I chose to study hematology/oncology/stem cell transplantation to make a real difference in the quality of care and to help change people’s lives for the better. My education helped shape me as a doctor and as a person. But for me, learning never ends. My patients are far too important.”

  • MB, ChB: University of Glasgow Medical School, Glasgow, Scotland (medical degree)
  • MD: University of Glasgow Medical School, Glasgow, Scotland (research doctorate)
  • Internship: Medicine and Surgery, University of Glasgow Medical School, Western Infirmary, Royal Infirmary, Glasgow, Scotland
  • Residency: Internal Medicine and Hematology, University of Glasgow Medical School Royal Infirmary, Glasgow, Scotland
  • Fellowship: Hematology, Oncology, Bone Marrow Transplantation, University of Glasgow Medical School Royal Infirmary, Senior Registrar and Lecturer/Instructor in Medicine, Glasgow, Scotland

Advanced Certifications

“Earning advanced degrees and certifications is one way I express my dedication to my patients. My expertise, knowledge and skill become their ammunition in the battle with cancer and chronic diseases."


  • MB, ChB: University of Glasgow Medical School, Glasgow, Scotland (medical degree)
  • MD: University of Glasgow Medical School, Glasgow, Scotland (research doctorate)
  • Internship: Medicine and Surgery, University of Glasgow Medical School, Western Infirmary, Royal Infirmary, Glasgow, Scotland


  • Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • Royal College of Physicians, Glasgow, Scotland.
  • Royal College of Pathologists of the United Kingdom.
  • American College of Physicians.

Teaching Appointments

“Whether through seminars or in university classrooms, teaching helps me reach out to my profession and to students of Hematology, Oncology and Stem Cell Transplantation. It’s exciting to share this information with the world.”

Previous Lecturer:

  • Internal Medicine, Hematology, Bone marrow transplantation, University of Glasgow Medical School Glasgow, Scotland.
  • University of Newcastle on Tyne, Newcastle, England.
  • University of Miami, School of Medicine, Miami FL.
  • Nova Southeastern University School of Health Professions, Fort Lauderdale.
  • Charles E Schmidt College of Biomedical Science, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton

Current Lecturer for Continuing Medical Education:

  • Course Director of the Advanced Stem Cell Education Program
  • American College for Advancement in Medicine
  • Age Management Medicine Group

A Noted Lecturer and Innovator

“I want to be more than a doctor or caregiver; I want to contribute to the advancement of cancer and stem cell therapies.”

Previous National presentations:

  • Florida Atlantic University - Frontiers in Science
  • American Society for Blood Cell Transplantation
  • American Society of Hematology
  • American Society of Clinical Oncology
  • American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
  • American College for Advancement in Medicine
  • Columbia University
  • Singularity Institute

Previous International presentations:

  • International Society for Hematology and Graft Engineering
  • International Blood Cell Transplantation Symposium
  • Scientific Meeting of the British Society for Hematology, Cambridge, England
  • British Society for Hematology and the Netherlands Society for Hematology, Antwerp, Belgium
  • Scientific Meeting of the A4M, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Scientific Meeting of the SENS, Queens College, University of Cambridge, England
  • Scientific Meeting of the Bahamas Medical Association
  • Scientific Meeting of the Trinidad and Tobago Medical Association
  • Baltic Stem Cell Meeting (BSCM) Conference Szczecin, Poland

Professional Memberships

“Professional memberships are an ideal way for me to stay in contact with my colleagues and exchange valuable information.”


  • American Medical Association
  • American Society of Clinical Oncology
  • American Society of Hematology
  • International Bone Marrow Transplant Registry and Transplantation
  • American Society of Internal Medicine

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