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As parents, we all want the very best for our children. That’s why for the last decade we have pursued nothing short of excellence when it comes to collecting your baby’s cord blood, a powerful tool to treat more than 80 life threatening disorders, and a lifeline to the possibilities of the medical advancements of tomorrow.

Stop Disease with Cord Blood


In 1988, a five-year-old boy suffering from a deadly blood disorder, Fanconi Anemia, received cord blood from his newborn sister, which saved his life. Twenty years later, cord blood transplants continue to be used, stopping disease and saving lives. More than 80 diseases are FDA approved to use stem cells as part of the treatment process. Some of these diseases include:


Blood Disorders


Metabolic disorders

Where Medicine is Heading

The most exciting area of medicine today is in cord blood/stem cell therapies. There are over 3000 clinical trials evaluating the use of a patient’s own stem cells for new therapies. These new areas of research have used both cord blood and/or cord tissue to treat the following diseases:


Sports Injuries


What Parents are Saying

Parents have been choosing Stem Cell Cryobank for over a decade. Find out what they have to say about our leading cutting-edge cord blood and cord tissue bank.

I have two sons that have had the privilege of having their cord blood stem cells with Stem Cell Cryobank. While we have not had to use any of their stem cells to cure illness, it is a great comfort to know that I have been given the gift to restore my children’s health, if need be.

Leigh Clark | Palm Beach County Firefighters

I banked my child’s cord blood with Dr. Maharaj and recommend it to all of my patients.

Dr. Ruel Stossel | Nationally Recognized OB/GYN & Father

Banking your child’s cord blood with Stem Cell Cryobank is one of the best decisions you can make for your child.

Richard Raborn | Physician and Grandparent


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